5 Websites to Wholesale Safety Razors in South Africa

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After consulting industry experts and spending a day meticulously researching, I have curated a list of five reputable websites offering wholesale safety razor services in South Africa. From Bundubeard's commitment to sustainability to Color Fans's extensive range of professional-quality razors, each supplier caters to various needs and preferences in the grooming industry. Explore the following selections to find reliable sources for safety razors and related products in South Africa.

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  1. Bundubeard

  2. Color Fans

  3. Badger & Quill

  4. Sharp Edge

  5. B-Details



Main Products:

  • Safety Razor SuperMax

  • Safety Razor Lion

  • Safety Razor DE7


Bundubeard is a distinguished safety razor wholesaler from South Africa, committed to providing South African men and women with high-quality items at reasonable prices. By maintaining low overheads, Bundubeard intends to pass these savings directly to its customers. Bundubeard focuses on building a small, loyal customer base rather than pursuing rapid or large-scale growth. Sustainability and green issues are central to Bundubeard's ethos, and their products reflect this commitment. They encourage bulk ordering to minimize waste and maximize savings for their customers, distinguishing themselves by promoting this practice, which most other businesses avoid.


Color Fans

Main Products:


As the number one razor brand in China, Color Fans has been providing safety razor services in the South African market for many years. It has sophisticated production facilities, complete testing equipment, a first-class R&D team and strong technical reserves. ColorFans also provides OEM/ODM services, and they have successfully won the market with their reasonable prices, reliable quality, humanized design, and timely delivery.

It mainly exports safety razors, straight razors, razors and other tools, which are deeply trusted and praised by customers at home and abroad. If you need custom or wholesale safety razors, please click the button to send an email.


Badger & Quill

Main Products:

  • Quill 08 – Rose Gold Bamboo Safety Razor

  • Badger 04 – Matte Black Bamboo Safety Razor

  • Badger 03 – Chrome Bamboo Safety Razor

  • Badger 16 – Matte Black Safety Razor


Badger & Quill, a prominent South African company, addresses the common issue of overpriced razors providing subpar shaves. Many people spend up to R200 per month on shaving products because they are unaware of better options. Badger & Quill strives to redefine this norm by offering South Africans the best shave of their lives at an affordable price, allowing customers to save money for other pleasures.

As passionate surfers and ocean lovers, Badger & Quill emphasizes environmental sustainability. Their safety razors feature a plastic-free design, and the packaging is also plastic-free, minimizing the impact on ocean plastic pollution. This environmentally-conscious approach is integral to their brand identity.


Sharp Edge

Main Products:

  • KAI Kamisori Razor 3 Blade

  • KAI Blade Cartridges For Kamisori Razor 1 Blade - Pack Of 4

  • KAI Kamisori Razor 1 Blade - Black

  • KAI Blade Cartridges For Kamisori Razor 3 Blade - Pack Of 4

  • Giesen & Forsthoff Timor Butterfly Safety Razor - Matte Chrome

  • Giesen & Forsthoff Timor Butterfly Safety Razor - Black Chrome


Sharp Edge is renowned for offering the largest range of professional quality safety razors in the Southern Hemisphere. Established in 1975, Sharp Edge has always been committed to providing the highest standards of service and innovative products at very competitive prices. Their success in achieving this is demonstrated by the satisfaction of thousands of mail order customers in South Africa.



Main Products:

  • Henson AL13 Safety Razor 2.0 (Aggressive)

  • Henson AL13 Safety Razor 2.0 (Medium)


B-Detailed has extensive experience in the high-end grooming industry and appreciates the precision engineering of Henson shavers. After rigorous testing, they confirmed that the Henson AL13 shaver lives up to its name, providing the most comfortable shave and eliminating shaving irritation.

B-Detailed aims to work with local South African manufacturers to offer a full range of shaving accessories and personal care products, including safety razors, as soon as possible. Their goal is to be the premier destination for all shaving needs, leveraging their expertise in meticulous detail to ensure high-quality products and customer satisfaction.



In summary, the South African market boasts a diverse array of wholesale safety razor suppliers, each prioritizing quality and customer satisfaction. However, for those seeking a trusted partner with a global presence, Color Fans from China stands out. As a leading manufacturer in the safety razor industry, Color Fans offers a wide range of reliable and well-designed products suitable for both domestic and international markets. Whether you require custom solutions or wholesale purchases, Color Fans is poised to meet your shaving needs. For further inquiries or assistance, please don't hesitate to contact Color Fans via the provided link.

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