Are Your Safety Razors Ready for REACH?

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Are you ready for REACH?

When exporting metal safety razors to the EU market, the following test reports are typically required:

1. Product Safety Testing: This includes testing for sharpness of blades, stability, and durability of the handle, and overall safety of the product. It ensures that the razor meets the essential health and safety requirements set by the EU.

2. Chemical Testing: This involves testing for harmful substances such as heavy metals (lead, cadmium, mercury), phthalates, and other restricted substances as per REACH regulations. It ensures compliance with EU chemical restrictions.

3. Nickel Release Testing: As nickel is a common allergen, metal safety razors must undergo nickel release testing to ensure they comply with EU regulations on nickel release limits.

4. Packaging Testing: Packaging materials used for metal safety razors should also be tested for compliance with relevant regulations such as packaging waste directives and labeling requirements.

5. Electrical Safety Testing (if applicable): If the razor has any electrical components or features like a built-in trimmer or LED lights, it may require additional electrical safety testing to comply with EU standards.

It is important to consult with a certification body or a regulatory expert familiar with EU regulations to determine specific test requirements based on your product's design and intended use.


While, what's the Nickel Release test standard for metal safety razors which is exporting to EU market?

The Nickel Release test standard for metal safety razors exporting to the EU market is governed by the European Union Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006, commonly known as REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals). REACH sets limits on the amount of nickel that can be released from products intended to come into direct and prolonged contact with the skin. 

According to Annex XVII of REACH, the maximum allowable nickel release from products such as metal safety razors is 0.5 µg/cm²/week. This limit ensures that the product is safe for consumers who may have nickel allergies or sensitivities.

To comply with this standard, manufacturers and importers of metal safety razors must conduct nickel release tests on their products using approved methods such as EN 1811:2011+A1:2015 or EN 12472:2005. These tests measure the amount of nickel released from the product under specific conditions and compare it to the allowable limit.

It's important for manufacturers and importers to ensure their products meet these standards before exporting them to the EU market to ensure compliance with regulations and protect consumer health.

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